Taco Soup

Second recipe post, how exciting!! Haha…maybe I get excited just a little too easily? Anyway, before I start telling you about this soup I must take your attention to the amazing day I had yesterday! If you read my last post you know yesterday was mine and the hubby’s four-year anniversary! It was great! He had practically the whole day off, minus having to go in for a little while for some paperwork. We just enjoyed our time together, I made heart-shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, did some shopping, had lunch, and had dinner at Olive Garden. It was our first anniversary where we spent the whole day together. He was deployed our first, worked our second and our plans didn’t go as expected, and then deployed our third so this one was great!. Here’s a picture from our day.

Oh! I have to tell you about what we got! We got an amazing deal on it too! We got a little Keurig! I had my eye one them since my mom got a big one a few Christmases ago and I saw this red one at Kohls and fell in love so I had to have her…well I didn’t have to have her but I wanted her real bad. So, thanks to my wonderful husband we got her yesterday!  It was on sale for $99.99, the k cups were $17.99 on sale, we had $50 Kohls cash, a $10 off certificate for signing up for paperless billing for our credit card, $5 off for something else i forget, a 20% off thing I got from my email and then a $20 mail in rebate. The yellow variety box came with the Keurig. So we ended up only paying $22 for it and the K cups! I was one happy girl! 😀

Isn’t she pretty? I think I’ll call her Sally. 🙂

Ok now back to the soup. 🙂 I got this recipe from a friend’s husband. He made it at a Halloween party last year. I made a few changes to it cause I didn’t have everything on hand. I think it still turned out well. I wasn’t going to make this tonight, at least it’s not what I had down to make. I meal plan and had this down for next week so I just moved it up. It was cold today and soup just sounded good.

This is the original recipe ingredients:1 to 2lbs hamburger meat, 1 can of green chilis, 1 large can of rotel, 2cans stewed tomatoes, 1 can pinto beans, 1 can rach style beans, 1 package taco seasoning, 1 package of ranch dressing mix (the powder stuff).

This is what I used:

1/2 lb ground chuck (it’s still frozen in the picture so it may look a bit odd)

1 can of green chilis

1 can pinto beans, ranch style beans, and corn

1 can diced tomatoes and can of tomatoes with green peppers and onions

I was out of taco seasoning so I made my own, 1 Tablespoon of cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder, and 1/4 teaspoon of red pepper mix it up and use 1/4 cup (Did you know one packet of taco seasoning is 1/4 cup? Yeah me either, I had to google it.)

1 package of ranch dressing mix

Toppings if you want ’em: shredded cheese (I used cheddar) and corn chips (or any kinda chip you like)

First cook and drain your meat then add the chilis to the meat and cook a little while. You could cook your meat in the pot you’re going to make your soup but it was easier for me to drain the meat using a skillet.(See my Kermit phone cover hubs got me for my birthday?)

Then add your taco seasoning and ranch powder and stir it really well.

Then add your tomatoes and stir. I add a little water and swish it around in my can to make sure all the tomatoes come out.

Then add your undrained beans and stir. I always add a little water and swish it around in my can then dump it in to make sure all the beans get out.

I added a can of drained corn at this point. It’s not in the original recipe. I made some chicken taco soup a while ago and it called for corn so I thought why not give it a try here. I thought it worked out great. If you don’t want it leave it out. 🙂

After you have all your cans of stuff added stir really well and let it simmer for a while. I did mine about 30ish minutes. I was getting hungry or it would have simmered longer. 😉

After it’s simmered serve it up. I topped ours with some cheese and corn chips. You can use whatever toppings or no toppings you want. It’s good on its own to. It is a little spicy, not too bad though. Crazy Man and I like spicy though so it doesn’t bother us. It does make quite a bit of soup. We each ate a bowl full and had a lot left. Good thing about it though soup freezes and reheats well. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this!

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

Brittney 🙂


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