Chicken with Olives

Before I tell you about this I have to tell you, I hate, I mean absolutely hate, olives. I don’t like the smell or taste. My Crazy Man however, he LOVES olives. He eats them by the small bowl full for snacks. I have to buy them in bulk. I think he goes through a jar in like a week. Okay, maybe two weeks, but that’s really stretching it. So this recipe was especially for him. So I though…but I loved it! I wanted to lick my plate clean. But I refrained, I just used the garlic bread to soak up all the extra sauce on my plate. 😉
This is another Pioneer Woman recipe. I don’t think she could steer anyone wrong with her food. Like her, I also have a love for pasta. I haven’t met a pasta I didn’t like.
Oh! Before I insert pictures and things this is something very exciting! Tonight was the first time I’ve ever cooked chicken legs! I know, I know, crazy right?
I’m not going to actually post the recipe or instructions because the only changes I made was I only used legs instead of legs and thighs and I used whole grain spaghetti instead of linguini. Everything else I did just the way the Pioneer Woman does.
This is what it looks like straight from the oven. Doesn’t it look wonderful?!

While this was cooking my apartment smelled amazing! My stomach was growling so much.

After my husband got done eating he got up from the table rubbed is stomach and said “happy belly.” Which makes me a happy woman! I keep saying I’m going to take a picture of him in the act but I never do.
Thank you Pioneer Woman for this wonderful recipe, for making my husband have a “happy belly” and for letting me discover that olives aren’t so gross after all.
Thanks for reading and happy cooking!


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